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Name:  Charlotte Rosemary

Nickname(s):  Chaz

Nickname (Field):  The Stallion of D10

Age: 14

Gender:  Female

District: 10

Theme Song(s):


Hair Colour/Style: Brown two pony tails resting her shoulders

Eye Colour:   Green

Built: N/A

Height: 5'7

Weight:  N/A


District: T-shirt, trousers and boots

Parade: A western outfit

Interview: A Black with White flower on the side  of her head

Training: Lone sleeves shirt, Leggings and boots

On the Field:  Winter White/Black coat, thick leggings and snow boots

Family &  Relationships

Mother:  Amanda (Deceased)

Father: Arnold (Deceased)

Siblings: None

Other: Ole (Chocolate Lab)

Alliance: Katniss, Peeta, Finnick and many more

Enemies: President Snow, Peacemakers

Partner: Unknown
Personality & Other Stuff

Likes: Animals, her home, Friends, her pet dog Ole, being kind to others.

Dislikes: Being bullied, taunted, afraid of killing those she cares.

Hobbies: Swimming, archery, Drawing

Strengths: Trustworthy, Honest, Tactic

Weakness: Being hurt

Fears: Spiders, seeing Blood (was), and loosing everything she cares about.

Weapons: Bow and arrow (in her first game) Daggers and a sword (in her second)

Personality: Determine and caring

Interview: I maybe scared to think I won't come out alive, but I'm determine to beat it

On the Field: Remember who allies you're really on

Congratulatory Interview: I survived, and I'll remember those who didn't make it

History: From District 10,Charlotte knows who to look after her home, as the age of 12 her parent's died from an illness, which they never recovered from, two years later Charlotte manages to look out for herself. Then the 72nd Hunger Game is announced, and she was reaped with a District 10 male. In Training, she was mocked by District 2 due to her kindness to other Tributes, but whiles training she befriended a District 1 Male name Lee. He helped her to use bow and arrow during the training, in her private session she has earned 9 points. Since the 72nd arena is a winter theme with snow, the tribute's wear Winter coats. As the Game began, Charlotte grabbed her bag and her bow, unfortunately couldn't get to the arrows as the sign of blood from the Bloodbath force her to flee into the woods.

2 days of hiding, a blizzard forces her out to the open, which she see the arrows, as she runs towards them she is attack by a District 2 Female, as they fight over, D 2 Female seem to gain upper hand, as she draws her ax to deliver a blow, but Lee knocks her off Charlotte, but is pinned and killed by deadly blows to the chest, as Charlotte watches she feel anger running through her veins, she grabs the arrow draws her bow and fires at the D2 Female in the arm, which she collapsed, then grabs the ax and gives the D2 Female massive blows. After the cannon is fired Charlotte gets up back up dropping the ax, coughing and panting trying to wipe the blood off her face. Her First kill, which change her forever. Fortunately for her, She and a Tribute Female from District 1 got attack by Mutts, in which the D1 tribute got mauled by them, but Charlotte, shoots them back. After the Mutts retreats, Charlotte stay with the dying tribute. She couldn't kill her, but stay with her telling her how wonderful the D1 Female lives been before the game, then the cannons fire. Charlotte is a 72nd Hunger Games champion. But Three Years later, she'll be reap for the 75th Hunger Games.
The Trio Brothers by Delita-1
The Trio Brothers
The Trio Brother appeard in mine and :iconkrytenmarkgen-0: RP Transformers Burning Fury…


The Eldest son of a council Member of Mining post C-12 Aurorate and Minosaur, He is aleader of his young brothers and step brother. When he was a young boy, Megatron came into his family and became a step-brother, despite Megatron getting intro trouble with other kids, Night (As it's his real name) always stick up with him, keeping him out of trouble. When they reach Adulthood, he foudn out later in the revolution that Megatron killed their mother, which thus he ended up three scars on his face by Megatron's attack resulting a blind Right Optic. Hisweapon of choice is a Hammer. He also has a Russian Accent


KD given his nickname was the middle brother, his skill as a miner is to push energon that is collected, when in comabt he is master of scouting and when he see a target, he goes in for a kill, he is known to be good at camoflaging when in battle. His weapon of choice is a Hammer/axe and throwing daggers.


Nickname Hunt, he's the youngest of the trio, though some autobot thinks he's weak, never take him lightly, he is known as a hunter, due to stalking his enemies like a predator in the night and strike much like his brother, Killdeath. His weapon is a Scyth like Axe.

Deathnight,Killdeath and Huntdeath (c) Mine 

Transformers Burning Fury (c) KrytenMarkGen-0


United Kingdom
Hello Everyone. I'm Amy but you can Call Me Delita. I am 21 year Old

As you can see I am a Huge fan of Transformers, Mass effect, Team fortress, Lion King (including Disney films) Bionicle, Hero factory and anymore Except horror films I Absolutely Hate Horrors film till the day I die.

Anyway I like Roleplaying and I love drawing too
  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: none
  • Playing: Have no clue
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Pepsi
OK some of you may know, I maybe a Transformer's fan, T Lion King fans and not, expect Horror films (have no stomach for it)

So I got myself into Mass Effect game, I got 2nd and 3rd game on PS3 but not the first one which makes me mad,that there is no first ME on PS3! Anyway I'm in a mood for ME RP, I have Myself OC Amy Shepard, (Which I think I need to put her up) and she romace Garrus which I LOVE HIM TO BITS!!! :love: And also I created my own race for ME, and she my OC too.

The second RP I like to do is Assassin Creed, Ever since I watch Cutscene from it on Youtube, I decide to get a game, and it was the 3rd one with Connor which I enjoy the game, Mainly AC3.

So anyway want to please Note me

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