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Fenwick (OC) by Delita-1
Fenwick (OC)
Name: Fenwick

Nickname: Fen

Quote: "I learn that being a knight mean something"

Faction: Jedi Order

Abilities: Force and Speed

Weapons: Single Lightsaber

Likes: Kindness, visiting new worlds, learning the Jedi way

Dislike: Being told she's wrong, Hate being told what is wrong.

Teachers: Master Even Piell

Bio: Born to a relative bloodline of the Duke and Duchess Family, Fenwick's a 7th born child. Her family was foretold she'll be a part of a special Knight, which was being a Jedi. At the age of just 6, Yoda visiting her planet meets Fenwick and scene a force in her. She is then taken to the Jedi Temple to begin her life as a Jedi. During her growing up she was selected by Even Piell to be an apprentice. Learning fast she accompany's him before and during the Clone Wars. After his death, she realize her mission with him was her last trial then after returning to the Temple she became a Jedi Knight. She leads her platoon of clones and helps the Jedi to restore peace throughout the galaxy.


My First OC for Star wars clone wars, she may look like a child but she is a young adult age 18. This shows that I too am a Star wars fan :D

Star Wars (c) Disney/Lucasfilms
Dragon Age: Yuri by Delita-1
Dragon Age: Yuri
Name: Yuri

Age: 20

Rank: Rogue

Pets: a blue dragon (size of a human)

Weapons: A Battle ax

Relationship (by choice): Cullen, Iron Bull and Cole.

Quote: I maybe a woman but I can fight like a rogue man!

Information: Yuri was born in a village in Crestwood, she family were the landlords of the land they ruled. On her 16th Birthday, she was given a dragon egg by her Grandmother, as the prophecy said 'A young woman will make the dragon as a child to her, and teach it how to be a dragon and use it for peace and not for evil'. A few months after she turned 16, her parents died, leaving her in the care of her only relative, her Grandmother. At the age of 16, she set off to find a place for the egg she's been carrying for it to hatch, along the way she met Hawke and his group, she does try get along with other group but grew a bond to Varric, whose like a brother. One the journey, a fire spread in part of the forest separating Yuri and the others. As the fire dies out the next day, Hawke find Yuri, alive and not burned, and not alone, as the egg she's carried finally hatch revealing a blue winged dragon resting in her arms.

After the battle is won, She return to her village after hearing her Grandmother has passed away. Years passed, Yuri protect her village with her dragon name Mercury. When the Templar attacked her village, she helps get her people, this is where she met the Inquisition. After her village is burned to the ground, she is welcome to the team and Skyhold with her people till she find a new land to call home. As she grew, so did Mercury whose grown to the right size her Yuri to ride on. She grown close to friends even to the Inquisitor.

Yuri and Mercury (c) Mine

Dragon Age (c) Bio Ware


United Kingdom
Hello Everyone. I'm Amy but you can Call Me Delita. I am 21 year Old

As you can see I am a Huge fan of Transformers, Mass effect, Team fortress, Lion King (including Disney films) Bionicle, Hero factory and anymore Except horror films I Absolutely Hate Horrors film till the day I die.

Anyway I like Roleplaying and I love drawing too

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