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Hello Everyone. I'm Amy but you can Call Me Delita. I am 23 year Old

As you can see I am a Huge fan of Transformers, Mass effect, Team fortress, Lion King (including Disney films) Bionicle, Hero factory and anymore Except horror films I Absolutely Hate Horrors film till the day I die.

Anyway I like Roleplaying and I love drawing too
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: none
  • Playing: Assassin's Creed Syndicate
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Pepsi
It been years now since I got into Assassin's Creed game, my first game was AC III, but now I'm falling in love with Syndicate cause I live int he UK, Two I love history and Three I LVOE THE FRYE TWINS!! X3

I have done some OC and how it's no a time to do a fan fiction story based on Syndicate.

Now I know your all thinking, Your a big Transformer fan I have no idea you like other games or series. 

Yes I do have other series and games I like too ^^

So anyway I have two plans, the first will be sequel to Jack the Ripper DLC, and second will be on the main game itself.

So watch out for any story I'll upload and please leave comment or fav. 



Jacob and Evie along side with Henry drives in the carriage, in the Lambeth area, in hope to find someone who can fix the launcher. "What can you tell us of Cormac?" Jacob ask Henry whiles holding the reins. "She's a great-grandaughter of the famous traitor Assassin, Shay Cormac, but unlike him, Johanna seek to stop the Templars, her mission is to save the Orphanage in London." Henry tells him. "She protect them from child liberation?" Evie asks him. "Keep them out of it, Miss Frye." Here's the shop." Henry said as they stop in front of the shop, hopes off and enters inside.

Inside is a man, holding a note on a cast arm, as if his arm is broken, while wrting down at a something thats tapping. "Ah, Blast'em!" the man said is a scottish accent. "Aleck, whatever si the matter?" Henry ask him. "I have been intercepting nothing but poppycock propaganda about Soothing Syrup and whatnot. No, I swear to the high heavens. If Starrick's monopoly continues....." He said just before Henry walks ove rputting a hand ont he man's shoulder to calm down. "Aleck, I beg your paron, these are friends of mine, Evie Frye and her brother, Jacob." Henry introduces the twins.

The man set his notebook down then stands up before intorducing to himself. "Oh,um.... Alexander Graham Bell." "Linguist, inventor and technical Expert" Henry state before walking to him. "Aleck, I have something of a favoru to ask you." He said before, Jacob steps him showing him the rope launcher. "Can you fix this?" He ask him. Alex take the rope launcher goes to his table and checks it whiels holding it in his arm.. "Hmmm... Looks like tghe casing is cracked..." He states, but the gun fall ontot he deska nd break in which the piece of the launcher falls off as if it meant to. "Oh! It comes apart. I say, I could use one of these to fit my fuses on top of Big Ben." he states as he gets to work on the gun. "Aleck is installing a new telegraph line for our Free Press Association." Henry informs th twins. "To combat the Starrick's Telepgraph Company. Now if I can mend the fuses connectiing independant lines from Big Ben. Starrick will be weakned. Only we are somewhat at a handicap" Alex states, before fixing the hook and setting the gun down holding the hook in his hand. "And there." he states, walking over to Jacob. "I removed the mechanisim so it may work with your bracer" Aleck informs Jacob. Jacob took it and smirks to him. "Ill put it to use immediatly" He states. "Jacob wait" Evie informs him, he looks at her, as she loosk at Aleck. "Mr Bell, allow me to help you with your fuses." Evie offers to Aleck for help. "Oh, you will not found me too proud to accept, Miss Frye. We can use my carriage If you'd be so good as to hold the reins, though." He ask her, then heads to the door. "I'll take that." she took the hook out of Jacob's hand and walks up to Aleck.

"I can help you with that." He offers, she shows him her gauntlet as Aleck fits the hook on it, putting it in place. Then the two head off to Big Ben, leaving Henry and Jacob in the shop, with Jacob not happy at all. "I was going to use that." he whines folding his arm, whiles Henry pats his shoulder. "You'll get another one." Henry tells him, before leaving the shop. Jacob watches him go, then spots someone across the road, holding a box in her hands, it's Johanna Cormac.

He watches her, minding her own buisness, he decide to follow her, keeping his distance, then see's her stopped by at the Orphange. She walks up the steps then knocks ont he door, waits, then the door opens, smiling tot he owner and chats with her before handing her a box. "It's for Fiona's Birthday, I know she wanted new shoes and a dress." She states smiling. "Miss Johanna, thank you very much for you time." The owner smile before haning her a punch with money. Johanna takes it th eputs it in her pocket. "Good day, sir" she simply said before walking off. Jacob contineu to follow her, then notice two brute blighters now taling her in front of him, he picks up his pace.

Johanna turns right, heading to the graveyard, just near the Lambeth Asylum, she stops then turns facing the brutes. "you in big trouble, girl, for ruining our bosses plan, last night" One of the brutes states holding a knife in his hand. Johanna chuckles shook her head. "You wouldn't harm a lady now wold you, boys?" she smirks at them as they take a step towards her. "Oh, you think that's funny, well see if you smile--" He ate before being grabs int he headlocks and throat slit by Jacob's blade, whom sneaked up behind him and sets him down. The Brute loosk at him. "We have a--" A shot is heard then a brute drop dead ont he floor with a bullet in his head. Jacob looks at him then loosk up seeing Johanna hodling her gun, before putting it away. "I had it under control you know" she tells him, walking over as Jacob stands up. "Miss Johanna Cormac, you seem to know how to hold a gun well." he states, Johanna shook her head chuckling. "Learned that from my Father" she states before kneeling down and loot two brute's body, getting some throwing knives before standing up.

"A Templar I take it" Jacob ask her, Johanna loosk at him. "You and your sister don't trust me yet. That's fine, I prefer to work alone with my gang. I rogue Templar if you like to say that." she tells him, before holding three of the knives she picked up and put then in his pockets. "Consider that a gift, Mr Frye, until then, we shall meet again." she state before walking off putting her hood over head. Jacob watches her go then walks out fo the graveyard.


Evie finsihes helping Aleck with the fuses on top of Big Ben, now she needs to find the formula to make the smoke bombs Aleck gave her."So your looking for materials for that?" A voice said to Evie she turns ans see Johanna leaning against the carriage, with her hood down and her hand holding her arm. "You...Johanna Cormac...gangleader of the clinkers." She states, Johanna shook her head giggles alittle. "The one, Miss Frye, I have bump into your brother so I might aswell meet you." she states as Evie walks over. "Honestly, what are you up to?" Evie ask her, as Johanna stands up straight then jumps on the driver seat. "Can I say I would liek to help you get those forumals material that dear Mr Bell gave you, hmm?" She ask her, in which Evie look at her with aunsure look. "I promise I won't bite." Johanna jokes. Evie sighs then climbs up, Johanna whips the reign, as the hrose starts moving as they cross over the bridge.

"Your quite a helpping person, Miss Cormac" Evie ask her. "Yes, I am. All I want is to make sure every children has a better life than working life." she tells her. "And what made you go in a hurry last night?" Evie ask her, reembering the night at the pub. "One fo the Clinkers said that they were planning to take the orphans where I go visit to work at the liberation factory near by, I happened to be stopping them before they did so" Johanna states then stops the carriage and the two ladies jumps down.

The two then shoots out their rope launchers and acsend to the roof. "You seem to contain what I've got" Evie states to Johanna, seeing a hook on her gauntlet. "Had this done weeks ago, never used it much, only if my arms get tired" She tells Evie, then loosk down below seeing the chest, but it's surrounded by Templars. Johanna shook her head. "Tsk tsk tsk. They never learn" she tells Evie then pull out one of her smoke bombs. "Shall we, Miss Frye?" she ask her, looking at her. Evie nods "Lets" Johanna then throws the smoke bomb down below, then blows on impact causing the Blighters to cough, then Evie jumps down and slitds one's throat then jabs her bade into another's chest. She turn and see's Johanna jump down, pinns the last Blighter and stabs him behind the neck, killing him. Evie then walks to the crate, kicks it open then loots out the material. "There, just need some more." Evie states. "Then let's go" Johanna simply state before running downt he alley with her, then stops and looks out seeing four blighters, two guarding the chest while the other two patrols the area. "I'll takwe those two scouting the ara, the other two's yours" Johanna states, before shooting her rope launcher and ascends to the rooftops. As Evie sneaks up behind the two Blighter's guarding the chest, Johanna waits above the pole woth barrels hanging in the air in the net. Once the two Blighters come togather, she cuts the rope, sending the barrels crashing on top of them. Just before the last two looks, Evie assasinates them by thir necks. Johanna jumps down and walks over to Evie, just as she opens the crate to get the materials.

"That'll do." She states before turning to Johanna. "Thank you for your help." Evie bows her head to her, as Johanna does the same. "No problem, though I recommend I meet you and your btoehr together, one day. Good day, Miss Frye" Johanna states then turns and leaves. Evie watches her leave the are before walking off, heaing back to Aleck's shop.


Johanna walks down the streets of City of London to a shop, which has fashion dresses on display. She opens the door in which the bell rings. "Marie?" Johanna calls out look round the shop. "In the back room, with John" A british-french accent tells her. Johanna walks through a curtain which leads her to the back room, then without warning a 2 year old Chocolate lab, pounces on her in which she falls downa nd gets licked ont he face by it. "John! How many times just I tell you not to jump on your mother!" A lady walks over holding a tray of cup of tea with cakes. Her skin's pale, her hair greyish black with two brais behind her back, and wearing like a maid's dress. Johanna chuckles by John's licking his face. "I know boy, get off me, please." Shetell him, in which he jumps off then walks to the couch, as Johanna gets up, wiping his face and walks to the table just as the lady set the tray down. "Cupcakes, Marie?" Johanna ask her, taking one fo the cupcakes from the tray. "Oui, Johanna, is it my grandmother's recipe, I made earlier." She tells her, before pouring tea in two cups. Johanna sits down, as John lays down next to the couch.

"How's the gang doing? I heard these two people like you have form a gang under new name." Marie ask Johanna as she hands her a cup of tea. Johanna takes it then states. "Doin alright, although I think I need to negotiate the twins to sort this out." "Twins? I think I need to see them to believe you, madam" Marie state, before sitting down then drinks her tea. "Once I get to know them more, and be friend with them. You'll might meet them" Johanna tells ehr before eating the cupcake she took. "I just hope to get those clothes done, for the clinkers before the blighters." Marie states, looking down in which Johanna put a reasure hand on her back, whch made the her look at Johanna. "Have faith once we take back this borough AND London, you can open more shops for your work, Marie" She tell her with a smile. Marie smiles "Merci, Madam." she said in french before both girls return to have their afternoon tea.
Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Rogue Templar chap 3
Here's Chap 3

The Frye twins seek help fom Aleck and whiles Evie helps, Jacob meets Johanna.

Johanna Cormac (c) Mine

Assassin's Creed Syndicate (c) Ubisoft
SW Clone Wars - Clone Trooepr Cecily by Delita-1
SW Clone Wars - Clone Trooepr Cecily
Name: Clone Trooper Cecily

Quote: "I maybe a woman, but I have a heart of a man to fight back!"

Gender: Female

Faction: The Republic

Abilities: Agility

Weapons: Clone Handgun (X2), DC-15 Blaster Rifle

Personality: Smart, brave, daring warrior

Likes: Being within the company of fellow Clones whom appreciate her presence, even to her sister Ivana

Dislikes: Being the female Clone in a sea of male Clones, and those who thinks shes soft

Bio: Like her sister before her, the Kaminoans manages to create the second female Clone! Designated Clone No. CY68759 - or Cecily, for short - this fresh new Clone comes equipped with many promising personality features; such as greater speed and agility, superior marksmanship and even greater intelligence. In short, she's a rather smart tough cookie indeed. Clad in Arc Trooper armour, simular to Rex's except the shoulder plate in on her right shoulder. Her first achievment on becoming a ARC trooper, was a second battle on Geonosis. But during tha fight, she was attacked by a Nexus creature which she ends up having scars on her left cheek. Ever since the battle, she carries the scar, in which she accept to show the clones she is not afraid.

Her basic colour armour is purple NOT Blue, since I took it by my phone

Anyway here's Cecily, My OC clone trooper ^^

Cecily (c) Mine

Ivana (c) :iconkrytenmarkgen-0:

Star Wars (c) Geroge Lucas
Wenkaka (star wars clone wars) by Delita-1
Wenkaka (star wars clone wars)
Name: Wenkaka

Quote: Without the Jedi's leading, who else should do the negotiations for peace?

Likes: Her family, reading and giving speeches for community

Dislikes: Wars, loosing family and friends, seperatist

Bio: Born in a royal family, Wenkaka is well liked to her people on her home planet. Since the coup attempt on her ife, she, her husband Tonkoma and their family, along with their 7th child Fenwick, fled to Kaleesh for safety. After the fall of the evil ruler, the family return to their planet. Since then Wenkaka became a senator for her planet and her people, though far apart she and her husband remain loyal to eachother, even to their daughter Fenwick who is force sensative.
It was night time, Johanna walks through the streets, heading towards Whitechapel station. She signals her hand to the Clinkers under her command with 2 brutes, one man and one female. "Whaat's up boss?" the female clinker ask her. "There's a gang war gonna happen at the train sation, gather any Clinkers alive and tell them to meet us there." Johanna telsl her. "Is it true? About these Fryes leading a gang called The Rooks?" One brute ask. "That's what were gonna find out. Come on." With that said she hurries down the street with her Gang following her.

Johanna runs down the ally then stops and see's Jacob and Evie at the Station with the Rooks. She signals the Clinkers to ambush position. She watches her gansg are in position, waiting for her signal to attack. "Where are you Kaylock?! Perhaps this will draw you out..." Evie state then she, Jacob and the Rooks charges at the Blighters and the Gang war commences. The Rooks seem to gain the upper hand, then Kaylock appears on top of the train, aims his gun at Evie. But a shot is heard, knocking a gun out of Kaylock's hand. Teh fight stopped for a moent as Johanna walks out with smoke coming from ehr gun. "Is it not fair to hand in hand, Kaylock?" Johanna shouts at him. "Damn you Cormac! Your on the bounty list and I'll be happy to gain it, and you seem to have no one to back you up." Kaylock replied. "Oh? what makes you think I am alone?" She smirks then holds her cane. "Clinkers....CLANG THEM!!!" She shotus as the CLinekrs come out of hiding and attacks the Blighters, giving the Rooks a hand as the Gang war Continues. Evie and jacob watches Johanna as she hits one fo the Blighters with her cane, then draws her dagger and jabs it in his neck before pulling it out. "You may win this round, but you and yours friends won't catch me!" He states as the train starts to move.

Johanna turns to Jacob and Evie. "Go get Kaylock! Me and my gang will helsp the Rooks! she shout as she throws the dagger at the charging Blighter hitting her int he head. With no time to argue, Jacob and Evie hurried along to catch the train, they jump onto the back of the train. Kaylock's two followers charges at the twins, ut Jacob, uses his kunia blade to cuts him int he chest before delviering a blow into his neck then kicks the blighter off the train, whiles Evie deliver punches to her opponent before jabbing te blade in his neck then kicks him off. She then loosk ahead seeing Jacob engaging Kaylock in a fist fight. Jacob steps one side to avoid Kaylock's punch, then he grabs his arms twist it, before jabbing his hidden blade into his chest, before finally Kicking Kaylock off the train.

Evie then saw Kaylock's Rope launcher gun on the train's roof, she walks over and picks it up. "It appears to be broken." She tells Jacob handing it to him. "Well atleast we have a train now. It's not all that bad" Jacob tells her then walks on the roof with her.

The train arrived back at Whitechapel station, Johanna and her Clinkers watches from the distance but can hears what going on. She then notice Jacob tolding a Templar badge. They finally got Kaylock. "Kaylock is dead! Whitechapel is no longer in the hands of the Blighters!" he shouts down at the remaining BLighters, throwingt he badge down to the ground. "You now have a chance to join our ranks! We welcome all who would stand against Starrick and hs cutthroats!" Evie shouts out aswell.

For moment the Blighters hesitate then oen Blighters steps forwards, making Johanna smile then she notice one of the Rooks handed him a Green jacket, the Blighter took of his read coat and put the green jacket on; a new memebr has joined the Rooks. Jacob jumps off the train and lands in front of him smiling "Welcome to the Rooks!" he tells them. Evie smiled as the Rooks cheers for a victory int he Gang war. Evie jumps next her brother then looks ahead seeing Johanna standing there. Johanna smiled then does a waving hand bow type then walks off with her Clinkers. "Very soon, Evie and Jacob Frye, very soon we'll meet" Johanna said to herself as she walks down the streets.

Back on the train, a woman sits on th ecouch mumbling to herself. "Ah ya bastard. I'd rather throw me'set on the tracks, then run Bertha another mile fer that doaty bawbag" she states in a angry tone. Then Jacob and Evie walks in the room. "Kaylock? He's left the station." Jacob informs her. SHe looks up at him before standing up "Well, hello fancy pants!2 She states. "And who might you two be?" she ask them. "I'm Evie Frye, this is my brother, Jacob Frye" Evie introduce themselves to her."Pleased to meet ye. I'm Anges MacBean" She introduce herself. "A delight" Jacob throws in.

"I thought I was getting a promotion. I suppose I'm out of work now." She tells them. "Come work for us instead." Evie offers her. Anges laughs alittle. "Awe in bite yer heild. You pay better then scrap?" sh asks them. "I'm sure we can at least match them." Jacob tells her, Evie slap hhis shoulder. "Then may I present to you Agnes and Bertha Lady and locmotive at your service, I'll be int he nest car." she tells them and walsk off.

"A hideout on the rails! What an excellent idea." Henry staes, setting his crates of information down on the table. "Yes it all work out ratehr well." Evie states walking to the other side of the car. "Now I would liek to follow up the lead on-" she starts walking to Henry, but looks over at Jacon as he wasn't paying attention. "Jacob" she call out, he loosk over at her. "This is serious" she tells him. "I'm not doing anything until this gets fixed." He tell her, then goes back to a broken rope launch as he checks to see if it'll go with his gauntlet. Henry steps forward. "I belive I know someone who can help with that." He tells Jacob Jacob loosk over his shoulder at him. !I knew you would, Greenie" He simply said then he goes back to what he's doing.

Later that night, Evie and Jacob decide to have a look round Whitechapel. "Looks better without any Blighters running this borough. "We just need to control more borough to cripple Starri-" he stops, which Evie notice and stops seeing him looking ahead, she looks ahead also and see's a familiar Assassin talking to two policeman on their carriage while patting one of their horses. "I best let you get to it. Make sure you don't stay up too long" She smiled then steps back letting the policeman get off, watching them go she walks down the streets. "Is that who i think it is?" Jacob ask Evie in which she nods then replied "Johanna Cormac."

Twin quietly trails Johanna, watching her to see what she's upto. She watches then see some Orphans run up to her smiling, she kneels down to talk to them in which one girl gave her some letters in return Johanna gave each orphan a puch with money and sweets in, they thank her and left. She then stands up and contineus walking down the path, with the twins tailing her. A few minutes past and they see ehr enter a pub round the corner. "You think she's onto us?" Evie ask Jacob. "If so, she would've run if she's a templar." Jacob states. "Was, you heard what Mr Green said. Come on." Evie walks forward but Jacob grabs her arm. "We're not gonna in there, right?" Jacob ask her in which Evie moves her arm form his grip. "If she a former Templar, we might get information on Starrick." she states to Jacob, then he sighed "Alright, I could use a pint" he said.

The twins then enter in the pub, which is bisy with some customer sitting at some tables, drinking and chatting to another, while one man plays on the piano, lightening the mood. The twins loosk round seeing no sign of Johanna, they then walks to a table in the far corner and sits down on the chairs. A young waitress walks over, with two pints of ale, then sets them down on the Frye's table. "The yougn lady over there said you'd be thirsty." she smiled set them down and walks off. Jacob was about to tell ehr she didn;t order but he then notice their target sitting at the other corner drinking her pint in a sensible manner. Jacob then stops a passing waitress. "Exucse me, but whose that lady over there?" he tell her. the waitress loosk over at Johanna then back at him. "That's Johanna Cormac, our regular customer to this pub." She tells him, Evie raise an eyebrow. "Every Friday night, at 6.30pm she comes here and buy a single pint of ale, a bread bun she eats and sits in that corner, she never bother any of the customers, unless someone bothers her that is." the waitress states before walking to the bar.Jacob then loosk at Johanna again and this time made eye contact. Jacob shot a glare at her, whiles Johanna just simply smiled then wave to them.

Then one of her clinkers runs in and runs to Johanna and whispers somethign in her ear in which her expression changes to a serious one, she finishes her pint, get up and runs out fo the pub with her follower. Evie and Jacob look on, then looks at eachother. Something's up big time.
Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Rogue Templar chap 2
Here's Chap 2. Sorry I took long, since Im at work most days.

But here's Chapter 2 ^^

Johanna Cormac (c) Mine

Assassin's Creed Syndicate (c) Ubisoft
Johanna walk down the streets on Whitechapel, wearing her Assassin's coat with blue shirt, and two Assassin's gauntlet, with blond hair ponytail with is braided. She looks round, she been hearing rumors of two Assassin's, Twins to be exact. She then looks up ahead seeing some orphans she knows, she kneels down to their level. "What news?" She ask nicely in her britsh accent with a tip of irish. "We saw two Assassin's like you just near Henry's workshop, ma'am. And Ben snatch this from one of them" A young boy stated, as he pulls out a purse then hands it to her.

Raise one eyebrow Johanna then takes the purse and said. "Two Assassin's hey? I best get there and see what they want" She then stands up before putting her hand in her pocket and pull out some coins and hands it to each of the children. "Run along and get some sweets, and make sure you stay with Clara" she state as they nodded and run pass her.Johanna looks down at the purse tossing it itn eh air the catch it in her hand. "Tiem to see what they are-" She then heard horse neighing and looks seeing a blighter carriage knock off the road, and one carriage driving past with teo people at the front. "Ah, that must be them. From the look of it, they might be heading to Henry, best follow." she state before putting the purse away in her pocket then heads off.

At Henry's shop, Henry was look through some information, before looking up to see Jacob and Evie walking in. "Did you gave them a slip?" he asks. "We gave them more than that" Jacob answers. As the two approach the counter. "Who are these people?" Evie ask looking at the pictures. Outside the shop, Johanna quietly listens in, hearing Henry explain the allies he's got, from police force, to urchins. Then she hear Evie gasp in suprise. "Johanna Cormac? As in.." "Great Granddaughter of Shay Cormac, yes, she owns the gang the Clinkers. She's been accepted to be an Assassin, but prefer to work alone." Henry explained. "How can she be running a gang if her old man was a Templar!?" Jacob stated. "I ask myselg that many times, but she won't trust anyone till she knows that person. If you gain her trust, she'll give you any information on the Templay Gang leaders in each borough." Henry state before showing them Johanna on the paper.

Jacob takes the picture and looks at it. "Doesn't seem to look like a Templar, or perhaps she pretending to be an Assassin." He states as Evie takes the paper off him. "We best keep eye out for her, IF she wants to be seen by us" Evie states. "You'll meet her and the others soon enough." Henry informs them. "Finally, you would be wise to remember that Starrick never acts alone. There are gang leaders in every borough. Yo'll meet them soon enough, no doubt" he wanrs them, then pointd at the other picture, "Rexford Kaylock, known for his ability to vanish before your very eyes." Henry stated. "Shall we make him vanish for real?" Jacob jokes. "I suppose" Evie agrees. "One moment>" Henry reaches behind the coutner and handed Evie a target. "A Templar you might want to look into. Be cautious. It's rough out there." He tells them. "Don't worry about me, Greenie. I can handle a few thugs" Jacob tells him then the twins walks out of the shop and down the street.

Johanna pokes her head out from the corner watching them, she steps out holding the purse then with one strong throw she can do, she throws it at Jacobs head before running off. "OW" Jacob shout as a purse hits his head then lands ont he path with a note attach it. "What's this?" Evie state as she picks up tyhe purse. "It your purse, Jacob, with a note?" She added as she takes the note off, hands jacob his purse then opens the letter as it reads:

Dear Frye Twins

I welcome both of you to London, in a writing way. I trust Henry told you about me and my family past as Templars. Although your first reaction is like other Assassin's I wish for a good alliance in defeat Starrick.

I wish you luck to defeat Kaylock, as he on tough son of a gun.

And be sure to keep ypour money safe, Mr Frye, who knwo who might try steal your money.

Yours truly,

Johanna Cormac


I shall be at one of the pubs, if you two get a drink you didn't order, I'm in there.

"If she like her great grandfather, I won't go easy on her." Jacob said in which evie foled the note then said "let not judge to quickly, let conquer Whtiechapel Then we can find her." The twins then headed off fiding their allies.

Back in the shop, Henry sorted some boxes with paperwork as holds thne in his hand and truns round. he startke and dorps the papaer as Johanna stands before him. "Sorry Henry" She apoligse as she helsp Henry picks the paper up. "I always seem to make you jump everytime I see you." she state then hands the paper to Henry. "It's quite alright Miss Co-- I mean Johanne" Henry states. "I saw the twins, one of them is very, excited of getting into trouble." Johanna states as she rest her arms on the counter. "Jacob? Yes he and Evie are here to free London. You seem to got a challenge, as Jacob, is starting a gang called-" " The Rooks, I know I was listening in outside" Johanna said then stands up. "If he wants to start a Gang he better start meeting me and my Clinkers, first. Althoguth they won;t trust a former Templar that easy." Johanna states. "Johanna, your good Assassin, even when I first saw you, I know you'd do good for London." Henry tells her. "I suppose your right...In any case I best get going, I'll watch thsoe twins, then decide to introduce myself." Johanna said before leaving the shop, climbing on the carriage, and drives off.

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