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Findu, Daughter of Kiarana by Delita-1
Findu, Daughter of Kiarana
Name: Findu

Race: Half-witch

Weapons: Bow and Arrow and her magic

Info: Findu is the Daughter of Kiarana and Denethor, and half sister to Boromir and Faramir. Findu was named after Denethor's late wife, in honour of her. She accompany her elder brother Boromir, to Riverdell, then became part fo the Fellowship. She became good friends t the Hobbits like her mother before her did when she's with Bilbo. When she witness Boromir's death, she was heart broken, and was about to give up, but Aragon, Legolas and Gimli told he there is still hope for her. She travels with him to Rohan. In Return of the King, she travels with Gandalf and Pippin to Gondor, only to see her Father Denethor in grief over Boromir's death. Soon she stick with Faramir, during the Argument before Faramir lead the charge, she uses her magic to push her own father back in anger and tog him, she now see why mother Never loved him. Durning the battle for Minas Tirith, she stops her father with Pippin ad Gandalfs help burning himself with Faramir, she looks away after see her father being burn to death. She then joins Aragon and the others to Mordor to by Frodo more time, which he suceeded. Four years late, she married and had 2 children, a boy name Baramir in honour of Boromir and Kiara, named after Findu's mother Kiarana, but with short name. Though Findu didn't follow her mother to the Undying Land,s he spends her life with her family and those she cared

From left to Right.

with Cloak and hood, without her cloak and hood, formal wear, living in gondor, Battle of Mordor and Aragon's coronation.

Findu, Kiarana, Baramir and Kiara (c) Mine

Design (c) Doll Divine

LOTR (C) J.R.R Tolkien
Kiarana by Delita-1
Name: Kiarana

Race: Half-witch (Her great-grandfather was a human)

Weapons: Her magic she use with her hands.

Info: Kiarana, the most gentle and kind wizard, was born in Middle Earth with her family, though she has no uncles in her family tree, she always considor Gandalf, her Uncle-like-figure. Her dream was to be a good witch, until she is told to go with Gandalf and Thorin's company, to reclaim Erebor. She meets up with them but go a different way to reach the Shire, then she meets them a Bilbo's house, she even knock gently and ask to come in. During the journey, she becomes good friend with Bilbo, as they travel avoiding the orcs lead by Azog. Though through the juroney that friendship slowly starst to become something more, though they never notice it. After the battle of five armies, she travels with Gandalf to escort Bilbo home. Soon They both realise, through many journey the bad and good, they soon realise their friendship is something more, but sadly, Kiarana must go to Gondor, but before they parted, Bilbo, remembering it's her Birthday (whom Gandalf told him) gave her his present, a gentle kiss. With that Kiarana leaves, knowing she may never see him again. 40 years later, She became a good sitter to Denethor and his wife Finduilas' sons, Boromir and Faramir, whom became veyr close with. But when Finduilas sadly passed away, Kiarana comfort the grief struck family, but is soon caught to Denethor's eye to be his second wife, though she never loved him, she was then marry him (but never spend much time for years), months later, she gave birth to a baby girl, she names her Findu, in honour of Denethor's late wife, though in short name, she then realise her daughter is a half-witch and teaches her how to use her magic wisely. 20 years passed, Kiarana and Denethor grow apart and soon split up but Denethor lets her stay. But then she leaves Gondor to Riverdell, but leave her 20 year old daughter in the care of her step-sons (Findu's half-brothers, Boromir and Faramir). As she reached Riverdell, She was reunited with Bilbo, and cares for Bilbo, while her daughter and Bilbo's Nephew travel to Mordor. She soon confess to Bilbo that if she stayed with him, the Ring may corrupt her, but truthfully loves him also. Four years after the Ring destruction, she travels to the Undying land, with Gandalf, The white council, Frodo and Bilbo. She passed away a year after Bilbo's Death.

From left to right, Kiarana (in the Hobbit) with her cape, without her cape, (LOTR) in elderly, wise woman, and her battle armour in Battle of the Five armies.

Kiarana (c) Mine

Design (c) Doll Divine

The Hobbit and LOTR (c) J.R.R Tolkien
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United Kingdom
Hello Everyone. I'm Amy but you can Call Me Delita. I am 21 year Old

As you can see I am a Huge fan of Transformers, Mass effect, Team fortress, Lion King (including Disney films) Bionicle, Hero factory and anymore Except horror films I Absolutely Hate Horrors film till the day I die.

Anyway I like Roleplaying and I love drawing too
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Time of year again, it's my birthday today :) 

I got a brilliant gift from my parents and my brother's family and a I love it. Well that is my news, another year for this birthday girl :D

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